Top Tips to get best Psychic Reading

Top Tips To get The Best from a Psychic Reading.

1. Before going for reading take the time to think about what do you want the reading to be about? Relationships, Job, Finances, Spirit Communication or something completely different. Whatever it is concentrate on that. It may be about more than one thing that you want answers to.
2. If you want communication from someone in the spirit world, visualise them and ask them to be there when you have the reading.
3. Allow time to be there on time as if you are running late you will be uptight.
4. Be relaxed and open hearted as it is easier for psychic to tune in to your needs.
5. Try not to block the energy by trying to “test” the mediums ability.
6. Its okay to take notes but if you are writing every single thing down , you are not “present “ with the psychic and therefore energy will be not flowing as well as it can be .
7. Talk and interact, be calm, relax and enjoy.