Top Tips to get best Psychic Reading

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Top Tips To get The Best from a Psychic Reading. 1. Before going for reading take the time to think about what do you want the reading to be about? Relationships, Job, Finances, Spirit Communication or something completely different. Whatever it is concentrate on that. It may be about more than one thing that you … Read more

The Wisdom of Native American Charms /Totems

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The Wisdom of Native American Charms . * set of 21 silver animal totems with guidebook. * for meditation, guidence, inspiration, mindfulness. available from Amazon and my SHOP. How to use the Charms for Guidance. If you have a question or a problem in your life that needs to be resolved, then arrange a time … Read more

Listen to your inner voice.

When we are going through a difficult time in our lives , it may feel as if a dark cloud is hanging over us and we don’t know where to go to get the answers .I believe that deep within us we do have the answer – we just don’t know it . Very often … Read more

New Website!

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Hello and welcome to my new website! You’ll find regular news updates here, and I’ve added a new shop section so you can easily browse and purchase my growing collection of clairvoyant and psychic related items.