About Marion...

There are times within our lives when we are forced to look deep within ourselves to find what we are looking for, to connect to the spiritual part of ourselves. These times are often sparked off by traumatic experiences e.g. divorce, bankruptcy, illness, near death experiences, job loss or bereavement. That experience shakes our world as we know and understand it, and causes us to feel confused, dissatisfied, restless and looking for answers to the many questions we have at that time. It may cause a feeling of depression, a loss of energy but will ultimately lead you to search for what you are looking for and to search not only outwardly but also inwardly to find peace, contentment and happiness.

In my case, my brother was killed one beautiful sunny Sunday morning in a motorbike accident, and in that moment my world was shuttered. I had so many questions. Where was he ? Why him? What happens when someone dies is that it, or do they live on in some form? If so, how would he communicate with me? Could he communicate with me or would it take a while? Was there a way I could communicate with him?

And so my journey began. I found I was able to communicate with him but it opened a door and not only was I able to communicate with him but with others too.