Helping Ho

In 2010, I was in Ghana visiting my husband and was sitting at the poolside of a local hotel ,''counting my blessings'' , thinking how fortunate I was and that when I got home to Scotland I was going to do some voluntary work to give back .

 What could I do? Volunteer in a charity shop, join a befriending group?  I wasn’t sure.

Just then two young girls from the UK came to the pool and started chatting to me. They were on a gap year and had been doing voluntary work at a local orphanage. This was their last day and they were going to say goodbye to the children. Did I want to come with them? Why not I thought.

As we approached the orphanage, in huge writing on the side of the building was the words –''Scotland and Ghana working together'' and a picture of both the Scottish and Ghanaian flag !

I am a great believer in signs and that signs point us in our true direction.

I went into the orphanage and met Mamma Viak, a truly amazing woman who showed me around and mentioned that at night the children had to move the desks so that they could sleep on the floor. Within that moment I knew how I was going to give back, I was going back to Scotland to raise money to build a dormitory.

I would like to thank all of you who have organised psychic evenings to raise funds for your own charity and asked me to be the medium. The fee you paid me has gone to my own charity Helping Ho in Ghana.

So far we have managed to build a dormitory for a local orphanage and have contributed to the building of a new health centre in Aduklu .

So I thank all of you who have bought my wee charms at events and spiritualist churches that I have attended.

This could not have happened without you . xx