Remembrance / Memorial  Cards

Sometimes in a person’s most difficult time we find it hard to put into words what we want to say because the message we want to convey is not about words, it is about emotions of love, support and understanding. These cards are designed to help you convey your love and support to the people you love. Remembrance cards can be given in memory of a loved one either at their funeral, the anniversary of their passing or birthday remembrance.

Each card is the size of a business card and comes in a gold envelope with an appropriate charm. The card and charm can be carried with you at all times.

Sold individually for £2.99 with FREE postage. A mixed pack is available for £14.99 that contains 10 cards and the appropriate charms.

  • 2 x  I love you to the Moon and Back poem with Moon Charm
  • 2 x  Hear poem with Heart Charm
  • 2 x  Look for me in Rainbows poem with Angel Wing Charm
  • 2 x  Signs poem with White Feather Charm
  • 2 x  Dragonfly