Psychic Art Seeing is Believing


Psychic Art Seeing is Believing

This book is my personal journey into the unknown, into other dimensions to seek the answers to the many questions I have regarding life after death and the meaning and purpose of life. This journey I shared with my mum Frances, a journey we started because of the sudden and tragic death of my younger brother .During our journey, we found we were able to communicate with the spirit world, not only for ourselves, but to help others. I was able to bring forward spirit communication and my mum was able to draw the spirit communicating with me.

The book contains chapters on how you can learn to communicate, meditation, guides and guardian angels, past lives and questions that are frequently answered. Through this experience my life has changed and allowed me to work as a medium and to help others find answers and peace within.

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Psychic Art Seeing is Believing Is a book suitable to answer your questions on life after death and is my personal journey shared with my mum Frances Whaley after the sudden death of my brother Ritchie .In that journey we learned about guides , guardian angels, spirit communication and so much more .A journey of questions and looking for the answers .

On that journey I wanted proof of life after death and found that not only was I able to communicate with my brother but was also able to communicate with others in the spirit world to0. My mum also on that journey with me, was able to draw the portrait of the person I was communicating with . It was her greatest joy to be able to communicate and draw portraits for other mums who were devastated by the loss of their child .

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