I Love You to the Moon and Back. Card with Moon Charm.


I Love you to the Moon and Back
A gift to give upliftment when grieving the loss of someone special.
Reverse side of the card says I love you to the Moon and back. The charm is a silver moon.

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I Love you to the Moon and Back.

I always have and always will for all eternity.

 I am always there for you.

 I see you smile and smile with you.

 I see you cry and try to wipe away your tears.

 I listen to your problems and put my arms around you,

 to comfort you and uplift you.

 I leave you little signs to let you know I am around you

 so that I can see you smile and hear your laugh.

 I love that laugh.

 When you laugh your heart is open and I feel surrounded I love you to the moon and back

 by your love and I am at peace in my world.

 So please for me laugh, open your heart, embrace your life

 For I live on with you. xxx